+ 'welcome to the show tonight', craig ferguson welcomes, 'today is of course the first day of black history month. i want to talk about about that tonight. i know what you are thinking, 'craig! you are not black!' right, i'm not. if you noticed, then the lighting in this studio is getting better. i am not black, of course, but i am an american. and so i think its kind of important. people say 'craig, you cant do a show about black history month, what do you know about black history?' nothing! thats why i need to do a show about black history! see, a few years ago i became a citizen of this country, it was a very proud and patriotic moment for me. and i'm still proud and patriotic, i'm very happy to be an amercian. however, in an attempt to know my country better and be a better amercian, i studied our nations history a little bit. not as much as you guys, you did it in school, i just did a little bit. but of course, as i read about our nation's history, its not just all flags and singing. dr. cornel west wrote, and i quote, 'black people have never had the luxury to believe in the innocence of america. although we have experienced the worst of america, we still believe that the best of america can emerge'. now, how could i, as an american, not want the best of america to emerge. so, there will be no robot and no dancing horse. they will be back later. listen, i do the robot and the dancing horse every night. see this is kind of like a little sandbox, this show. one of the advantages of being on a show that the network doesnt actually know is broadcast is that you can do what you want. and every now and again, i can do whatever i want, and tonight i want to do a show about the history of the black people in america.'

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