+ 'its a great day for the american space program', craig ferguson shares, 'this afternoon the space shuttle discovery took off from cape canaveral, florida. godspeed, discovery crew. by the way, this is true, i looked this up this afternoon. you know what the area code is in cape canaveral, florida? 321! isnt that adorable? 3 2 1! 3, 2, 1, blast off! i think the phone company should give out cute area codes for everyone. like, for sesame street: 123, 420 for willie nelson's house, dick chaney's house: 666. anyway, i want to talk about the space program tonight, you know, the final frontier: space. so just to get it out of the way, lets just do it: uranus. there. anyway, right now the space shuttle discovery is on her way to the international space station. she was supposed to go last november but she wasnt ready. now, i'm saying 'she' because thats how you refer to ships, and because they take forever to get ready! hay hey hey! that was a joke. anyway, today's shuttle mission has six members on board. its great to watch it take off, but today's launch is a bit bittersweet because the space shuttle is, like everyone else in florida, at retirement age. after this flight the shuttle is retired. not retired like brett favre, it wont unretire in a few years and start taking pictures of its booster rocket, its retired! the shuttle will be dismantled and sent to the smithsonian and put on display along side other important milestones in technology like the fonzy's leather jacket.'
- forest whitaker craig set up a twitter account for him, click his name to check it out!

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