+ 'i'm very excited because on sunday, of course, its the oscars, or academy awards if you want to get technical', craig ferguson states, 'its a special night where hollywood's biggest stars dress in hollywood's fanciest clothes and go to hollywood's crackyist neighborhood. it is, its very cracky up there. here in l.a. the oscars is like a national holiday, people spend all weekend putting on the mascara, getting the lip stick right, taping their boobies together. and the women are worse! that anual oscar joke, brought to you by t-moble. anyway, i havent seen all the best picture nominees, it was easy to see them where there were only five, now theres like twenty five or something. there's more best picture nominees than there are kardashians. i guess i could just rent the lesser known ones in a couple months, just like the kardashians! my favorite movie of last year was 'true grit'. it has three things to support it in my book: 1. its got an old guy with a bushy beard, 2. its got a girl who wont take any crap, and 3. its the only one i've seen.'

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