+ 'its not such a great day for a congressman from new york who had to resign last night', craig ferguson shares, 'you know, its the old story: boy meets world, boy sends sexy pictures over the internet, girl sends pictures to the media, boys wife finds out. social experts refer to this as 'pulling a favre'. i love following a story like this on the news because its being reported from different angles. msnbc, that leans very far to the left, they said 'married republican trawling the internet for sex!', fox news said 'congressman displays body tones by patriotism!' the bravo network are just like 'eh, ok'. now i've heard people say 'come on craig, this guy is a politician, its not our business where he puts his pee pee'. and i agree, but he did and i checked, he voted against the repeal of 'dont ask dont tell', so he is clearly worried about where other people put their pee pees. but thats not the issue, i'm glad he resigned. not because he was trying to 'hook up' as the kids say. i am glad this guy resigned because he is clearly an idiot! i dont care about his politics or his sexual preference, this man is clearly an idiot! he doesnt know how the internet works! 'oh, i'll just put a naked picture up, what could possibly happen?' are you mad?!? what the hell is wrong with you?'

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