craig on sheen

wondering what craig ferguson will say about the meltdown of charlie sheen? turns out, hes not going to say anything. at the beginning of monday's show he started off with this though: "in the 18th century there was a mental hospital in london. its been there a very long time, it started as a priory in the 12th century i think. anyway, its called bedlem. what happened was in the 18th century is that people would go along and pay a penny to look through the peep holes of the cells and look a the lunatics and would laugh at them. they thought that laughing at the lunatics was fun and were willing to pay a penny for it. i think people look at that now and they think 'gosh, people were heartless and cruel back then', i dont think they were heartless and cruel, they just didnt know, they didnt know that mental illness isnt funny. so i'm looking at the charlie sheen thing unfolding and i'm thinking 'awe, man!' you see, heres what i'm thinking, i'm thinking ive done jokes about this on the show, i'll freely admit, i'm a desperate man in a tight spot and ill do whatever i can to get through an hour of bad tv every night. but i'm watching it now and i'm thinking 'nope, no. i'm stopping'. i'm starting to admit that i'm paying my penny and peeking through the hole, and i'm not comfortable with it anymore. if you are joining us tonight to see a lot of charlie sheen jokes, i'm not going to be doing any. i'm not comfortable with it. by the way, this should be a message to anybody: when a late night host goes 'actually, you know what, whooo, lets not'. then you know that maybe its time to do something about it and get some help. thats not my business, what i'm saying is this: i'm not going to do it tonight.'

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