+ 'it was a very tense day here at cbs' criag ferguson admits, 'cbs is locked in a huge battle with time warner cable.  it could cost time warner cable's subscribers to loose cbs.  the fight is about money probably.  i don't know, i'm not up on the details.  i think cbs wants more money from time warner cable, which is fair!...  i don't know.  what cbs is asking for is still less than what time warner pays to carry the disney channel, but remember cbs, there's a reason disney gets all that cash, they send goofy to collect!  'gahyuck, pay up bitches, or i'll cut ya, gahyuck!'  obviously this issue hits close to home for me because if cbs doesnt get the higher fees, cbs will be forced to slash the show's hay budget and secretariat will die!  dont let secretariat die, time warner! i'm not taking sides, but time warner wants the beloved secretariat horse to die!  its in your hands, internet!  anyway, what i'm saying is that disputes like this are more evidence how tv is quickly changing.  a few years ago the tv business model looked one way, now everything is all switched around and looks another way.  oh wait, i'm thinking of bruce jenner.'
- matt smith
- teri polo

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