+ 'its a great day if you want to live forever, and who doesnt?' craig ferguson asks, 'over the weekend in new york city they hosted the global future 2045 conference.  now, its a meeting of scientists who say that if technology continues the way its going, its possible that by the year 2045 we could all be immortal!  now i hear you asking 'craig, how does this immortality work?' well, it involves putting your brain into a robot.  why do we need a conference to live forever?  why don't we just ask larry king?  to achieve immortality by 2045 we have a lot of work to do.  first, we have to figure out how to copy our brains into a computer, then you have to create robots to put them in, which sounds like a terminator movie!  immortality technology sounds like a contemporary search for the fountain of youth.  ponce de leon, the french spanish explorer, searched for the fountain of youth in the 16th century, but he died in 1521, so i'm guessing no.'
- carson kressley
- rachelle lefevre

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