+ 'you know who's birthday it is today?' craig ferguson asks, 'donkey kong!  the video game where the giant ape throws barrels down at mario!  you know donkey kong is getting older because instead of throwing barrels, he just throws his balls down there!  donkey kong is a great arcade game except one detail: it is very very hard!  donkey kong is harder than my nipples in an ice bath, harder than figuring out what nbc is doing in late night, harder than understanding what keith richards is saying!  the character if mario in the game is a manic fast talking italian with facial hair.  in other words, an italian!  when the movie first came out some groups protested, they said that the mario character perpetuated negative stereotypes about italians.  they said, and i quote, 'whatsa come and a go here?  we donta talka like that!  where'sa my pizza pie?'  you know, a few years ago there was a documentary about the game called 'the king of kong'.  it was a lot of fun to watch those guys using their joysticks on a quest for glory, but don't confuse it with the other movie 'the king of dong', which is also about guys using their joysticks on a quest for glory...'
- morgan freeman
cathy ladman

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