+ 'its not a great day for new york today', craig ferguson shared, 'the mayoral candidate anthony wiener, you know, the guy who resigned from congress for showing wiener, today more wiener photographs were released of his wiener! new yorkers were shocked, they were so shocked that elliot spitzer fell off his hooker, they were so shocked that people almost stopped urinating in public, they were so shocked that think on trump's head fainted!  people were so shocked that woody allen had to pull his daughter wife out of school!  the new photos are from the same time period as the old photograph, so it seems to me its kind of like beating a dead horse...  new details have emerged, apparently anthony wiener would show his junk on the internet using the name, and i'm not kidding, carlos danger!  isn't that great?  that's an awesome name!  anthony wiener released a statement today saying 'this kind of behavior is behind me',  then he added 'if you want to see more of what's behind me, i'll text you a photograph!'  the race for mayor goes on, anthony wiener still has a small lead over city council member kristin quinn, who is gay.  its the classic match up: lesbian versus predator!'
- larry king
- anna camp

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