+ 'its a great day for san diego, or is it?', craig ferguson asks, '135 thousand people have descended on san diego for comic con.  when i say 'people', im refering to the geeks and the nerds and the trolls.  if you live in southern california and you need to get your computer fixed this weekend, you are screwed!  i think comic con might have jumped the shark.  i'll tell you why: because i'm going!  that's it, its over!  its like the sundance film festival.  the sundance film festival used to be cool, it was about independent film and serious art, now its a place where paris hilton goes.  i am the paris hilton of comic con!  if i'm going, it is no longer relevant!  the reason i'm going is because i will be moderating the doctor who panel on sunday.  i love doctor who, its been on tv in britain since the sixties, i grew up with it.  there will be people at comic con who know a lot more about doctor who than i do.  if i don't know the title of a particular episode or if i mispronounce the name of a planet i will be shamed, i will be ridiculed.  i will be like paula dean at the BET awards!  i have children and a job, i don't have have time to memorize details of a tv show, like the fact that the doctor's home planet is gallifrey, the gridlock system with it the constellation of casta boris.  the galactic quadrants are 10 zero 11 zero zero by zero two from galactic zero center.  and that's correct!  i know that!  i will be fielding questions from the doctor who panel, i'm sure the first question will be 'why are you here, miss minelli?'.'
-jane lynch
= goo goo dolls

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