+ jeff daniels starts the show off with a funny song about a traffic accident.
+ 'this is why i like him: he used to be a big guy himself.  so do i, see, thats why i trust him.  i dont trust skinny people telling me how to lose weight. what did you ever do, gweneth paltrow? i'm just saying!  now that richard simmons is 65 he can retire, but what would he do?  spend time on his sequin farm?  he has one, he grows sequins, and when they mature, he harvests them!  do you remember a few years ago a man said he was slapped by richard simmons in the pheonix airport? and he actually filed charges!  he did!  i'm thinking, what kind of man says he was beat up by richard simmons?!?  a man who wants money, thats who!  saying you got beat up by richard simmons is like saying you got beat up by an olson twin!
- jeff daniels
sarah tiana

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