+ 'its a great day for our friends in the bahamas', craig ferguson states, 'if you know anything about me, you know this is the day i wait for all year, july 10, bohemian independence day!  it was on this day in 1973, the bahamas declared independence, before that they were a british colony.  it used to be said 'the sun never sets on the british empire'.  the empire was so big, the sun never set on one of its territories, that's how huge the empire was.  that changed quickly, they lost canada, australia, jamaica, the bahamas to name just a few.  england has been dumped more times than taylor swift, but did they go writing whiny songs about it? no they did not!  last week, of course, was our independence day.  i think england had a habit of loosing places in july.  every year about this time, all around britain they are like 'good heavens, its july again!  keep a close eye on scotland!'.'
- cedric the entertainer
- jess weixler

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