+ 'it was, of course, a huge weekend at the box office!' craig ferguson states, 'the lone ranger made a ton of money.  people went to go see it because it stars johnny depp.  he wears lots of make-up and speaks in a weird accent.  i don't know what he does in the movie, but...  johnny plays tonto, the lone ranger's sidekick.  nothing makes more sense than a lone ranger having a sidekick.  'i'm the lone ranger, and here's my friend'.  that's stupid, if he's the lone ranger, he'd just walk out and go 'hey, its only me'.  i'll bet johnny depp doesn't even take the make-up off anymore, he just keeps it on until the next movie starts.  make-up or not, johnny depp definitely has a way with the ladies.  years ago, of course, he dated winona ryder.  remember that?  he even had her name tattooed on his arm, but he had to change it after winona stole his heart, and his watch, and earrings, and his prescription medication...  in the pirates of the caribbean movies, depp famously based his pirate character on keith richards, but in the lone ranger he's playing a mystical shaman who can talk to the spirit world, possibly with the help of peyote.  so, also based on keith richards...'
- heather locklear
> louie anderson

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