+ 'you know what i'm excited about today?' craig ferguson asks, 'world war z, the big zombie movie, its out today.  i'm very excited about it!  the trailer looks very scary, you see hordes of zombies climbing over each other- its like black friday at the mall!  brad pitt plays a man fighting against a terrifying gang of mindless creatures that keep coming at him day and night no matter what.  he trained for the role by having six children!  but children don't eat brains.  but the probably would it you just gave it to them.  zombies eat brains, but if you gave a child brains to eat and you didn't tell them, they would probably be ok with it, actually.  i've got to admit, last week i got a little freaked out about the possibility of the zombie apocalypse, i even wrote an email to president obama about it.  well, the email was to geoff, but i assume president obama read it...'
- maggie gyllenhaal
> matt goldich

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