+ 'do you know what happened in britain this week?' craig ferguson asks, 'you know, britain.  you know, dr. who, harry potter, moptop musicians?  you know, britain!  anyway, in britain this week there was a massive hit on tv, it was a documentary.  now, a documentary is like a reality show except its classy.  its about something.  a show about something?  its an old fashioned idea...  four million people in britain, which is the entire population of britain.  i know its not, i look forward to your emails, arriving by owl...  anyway, four million people in britain watched a documentary about a man who has 140 pound testicles!  the tv executives are stunned by the high ratings.  the president of the bbc said 'its just nuts!'  see what i did there? ha ha!'
= tenacious d
- moon bloodgood

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