+ john hodgman stops by with his french horn to plug his new comedy special 'ragnarok' on netflix.
+ 'you know who its not a great day for?' craig ferguson asks, 'edward snowden, you know, the guy who leaked all the information about our government's spy program.  we're not sure where he is, and its not easy to find a nerdy looking white guy with glasses, i learned that from 'where's waldo'!  some people say he's a hero, others say he's a traitor.  people cant seem to agree on it, the only think we can agree on is that north west is a horrible name for a baby.  i always think that, you know, when celebrities give their babies cute names like north or grapefruit, and stuff like that, they are going to change it to frank or sid or something like that.  anyway, snowden, he's got a girlfriend who's a stripper.  president obama said that they will stop at nothing to track snowden down.  president clinton said the same thing about snowden's girlfriend!'
- breckin meyer
- wendie malick

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