+ 'its a great day for television', craig ferguson shares, 'three million people watched the season premier of 'here comes honey boo boo'.  three million people!  the cast was delighted, at least i think that's that they said, i don't understand them...  do the honey boo boo family have a last name? i just call them the boo boos.   their first names are easy to remember, there's june, the mother, sugar bear, the father, and kids are honey boo, chickity, pumpkin, pee pee, and plinko, i think.  oh, and regis.  anyway, if you've never seen honey boo boo, its like duck dynasty but with less ducks, or downton abby but with less shoes, or like keeping up with the kardashians but with less hair.  but when you think about it, honey boo boo's are like the kardashians, honey boo boo is the little princess, thats like kim kardashian, june, the stay at home mother is like kris jenner, and then sugar bear, that's khloe.  their all in there!  i remember when the show first started critics were calling it offensive and outrageous and exploitative, and they also had bad things to say about it!'
- jeffrey tambor
= cristela alonzo

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