+ 'its a great day if you like the rock and roll', craig ferguson exclaims, 'do you like the rock and roll?  because glastonbury, the worlds largest rock festival, starts today in england.  its like coachella with teeth, bad teeth.  this year at glastonbury, the headliners are the rolling stones.  organizers are expecting 150 thousand people.  most of them will be mick jager's children!  tonight also was the season premier of big brother here on cbs!  i watched it live, of course, and wasn't it amazing?  i didn't actually see it, i haven't seen it ever.  its a great show though, isn't it?  you know, the term 'big brother' comes from george orwell's book 1984, where everyone is watched over by a network of cameras.  its called 'big brother'.  i've never understood that, why orwell chose the term 'big brother'.  cause if you are being watched all the time by someone, shouldn't that be 'creepy uncle'?  in the book 1984 people got in trouble just for their thoughts.  i hope we never develop mind reading technology here because i would have to apologize to some of my guests for whats going on up here, because some of them are very sexy!  sorry jeff goldblum...'
- sandra bullock
> jim mcdonald

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