+ eddie izzard drops by to plug his new show and do some role playing with craig.
+ 'its a great day for barak obama', craig ferguson states, 'because today colon powell endorsed obama for president.  the news surprised many elderly americans who thought they were the same person.  'craig, what are you saying?' you know what i'm saying...  there is a lot going on today, but to me there's only one real story today, thats because its day two of my feud with katie curic.  i talked about this last night, but a tabloid magazine that shall remain nameless, the star, says that i am angry with katie curic and it implies we had a 'thing'.  its written down, so it must be true!  i'm still shaking from this article, and also decades of substance abuse.  lets pretend its about the article...  it says that i am seething with jealousy over katie's ratings.  thats ridiculous, i'm not jealous of her ratings, i'm jealous of her legs!  now, normally i dont read the tabloids of course, i prefer to get my celebrity news the old fashioned way: peeping through their windows!  i actually called katie today to make sure everything was cool.  i laughed at her response, she said 'craig who? how did you get this number?'  i'm going to say something controversial now: a lot of the stuff in the tabloids is made up.  except the astrology section, thats real...'
- michael chiklis
- maggie grace

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