+ 'its a great day here at cbs', craig ferguson, 'because the kid actor who plays the kid, he's actually about 50, isnt he?  anyway,  the actor who plays the kid in two and a half men says that he is now cool and calm after the news yesterday, you know, where he appeared in a video trashing his own show.  i'm thinking, well you can be cool and calm because its not like they can replace him you with ashton kutcher, is it?  he's pretty good, kutcher, he could play both of them- 'hey, what are you doing?' 'i'm getting out of here!'  thats two and a half men with john cryer, ashton kutcher, and little ashton kutcher!  'yeah, i'm getting out of there!' 'you are a bad influence on me!'  'oh, what are you talking about?' 'gehehe!'  where's my fucking emmy?  who could replace that kid?  danny devito?  he's great and he's experienced- so cute!'
- james marsden
- daniela ruah
> cory kahaney

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