richie sambora house band

for years craig ferguson has been complaining that all the other late night talk shows have their own house band but he doesnt.  a couple weeks ago he and geoff peterson were getting in to it again and craig suggested that they have richie sambora, the guitarist from bon jovi, be the house band.  as they were taking that idea and running with it, they decided that they wanted him to come, but not to play the guitar.  rather, richie would come and play a tiny harp and bongos naked!  recently richie actually stopped by the show to try to make it happen for real!
'i'm very excited!  geoff, remember i was saying that i wanted a house band?' craig asks.
'richie sambora' geoff responds.
'i said i wanted richie sambora- guess who's here?!?'  craig questions, just as richie sambora comes walking out on stage!
'i heard you were talking about me on the show', richie says.
'i was talking about you a little bit', craig admits, 'i thought it would be great if you would be our house band on the show but not necessarily playing the guitar.  just you, naked, playing a tiny little harp!'
'i really love the show', richie responds, 'but i'm not going to be naked playing the harp.  but i'll tell ya what, as long as you let me play some of my songs, i'd be fine with that!'
turns out they are actually going to make it happen!  richie sambora will be the late late show house band for a week starting on december 3!

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