+ 'if you know anything about me, you know i am addicted to shopping', craig ferguson admits, 'today walmart announced their black friday deals.  i'm still hung over from the election, so whats the cure?  the christmas shopping season is finally upon us!  hurray!  black friday is the day after thanksgiving, its the day you find all the real bargains   it works on our innate desire to save money and our innate desire to get the hell away from your family after thanksgiving!  most black friday items are geared toward young people, but theres stuff for people my age too.  for example, kmart is running a deal on pants that come up to your armpits.  'ooh, you cant get these at hot topic!'  this year some big retail outlets are starting their sales on thanksgiving night, which wont work for me, i spend every thanksgiving night washing the gravy out of my eyebrows.  thats what happens when you go bobbin' for giblets!'
- ll cool j
- naomie harris
= sutton foster

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