+ 'it is, of course, friday!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'its a great day if you like kung fu cause the movie i've been waiting for is coming out: the man with the iron fists.  its got russell crow in this movie,  i cant tell you if its fat russell crow or this russell crow, and frankly to me it doesnt matter.  russell crow doesnt need nunchucks or a sword, he can take you out with a phone!  in this movie he plays a character in the movie called jack knife cause he uses a jackknife in battle.  its a lethal fighting name, its more lethal than his side kick fred bedazzler.  i cant imagine though, having that happen, its called 'man with the iron fists', can you imagine having fists made of iron?  it would be kind of a mixed bag, it would be good when you are fighting, but what about when its... other things?  what about when its time to have a little self massage?  it would be like having sex with a volvo!'
- michael sheen
thomas dale

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