+ 'i'm going to see cloud atlas over the weekend', craig ferguson shares, 'tom hanks is on the show on monday!  i'm going to ask him about his other movie, you know, that one where he spends the whole time talking to that leathery deflated ball.  you know... meg ryan.  ahh!  its a joke! its a joke!  i love her, please dont think i'm having a celebrity feud with meg ryan, i'm not.  i adore meg ryan, she's had a bit of work done, but i love her.  who doesn't like meg ryan?  al quida, thats who.  anyway, i'm talking about tom hanks.  looking back at his movies i see a pattern  in toy story he played the cowboy, in saving private ryan he played the soldier, in cast away he played the shirtless hairy dude.  if he can play a native american he will have achieved something called 'the village people grand slam'!'
+ a special message from president bill clinton
- amanda peet
- john cho

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