+ 'you know what today is all about?' craig ferguson asks, 'its the big power balls.  the big power ball drawing is tonight.  someone tonight may have already won 550 million big ones.  and some money!  i am excited to announce that we actually have the winning power ball numbers for you, so if you want to pull out your power ball tickets, play along at home, the winning number are:  not yours.  no one watching this show has won power ball, thats ridiculous   'we just won 550 million dollars, what do you want to do?'  'lets watch craig and his big gay robot pal!'  anyway, there are 42 states that participate in the power ball, not california though.  you cant do it in california.  if you wanted to do it, you would have to go to arizona, and i dont have my papers in order...  in california we have other ways to make a fortune:  you could play the lotto, you could play the mega millions, you could be the new kid on two and a half men...  anyway, the chances of winning the lotto are one in 175 million.  youve got a better chance of hooking up with a kardashian...  a much better chance!'
>lewis black
- karen gillan
= l.p.

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