+ 'this is a day i've been waiting for all year', criag ferguson admits, 'today is a very important day because twilight: breaking dawn part 2 comes out today!  i'm so sad though because they are saying that this is the last twilight movie ever.  i'm like 'no!'  so i'm happy but i'm sad, i dont know whether to rejoice or to cry.  its like if somebody said to me 'craig, you can have your own tv show, but its on cbs at 12:30 at night'.  stephanie meyer wrote the twilight books, the final book was split in to two movies.  now, sometimes a studio will do this just to make money, but with twilight it was different, there was just too much source material for one film!  ha ha!  i'm kidding, it was for the money.  so far the twilight movies have made two and a half billion dollars, thats almost as much money as mit romney spent to lose the election!  but the new movie will make a lot of money too.  i dont believe for one second that this will be the last one.  its not because this is what will happen:  the twi-hards are a lot of teenage girls and about ten years from now some of these teenage girls will be running movie studios in hollywood.  they will be like 'i think we should bring back the twilight movies for a new generation!'  and if they dont do that maybe president bieber will insist on it!'
- james spader
* cynthia littleton

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