+ 'its almost thanksgiving', craig ferguson remembers, 'in the midst of all the celebrating, we must remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  there was some sad news today, you might have heard about this, lance armstrong has just tested positive for tryptophan. here in hollywood, arnold schwarzanegger still insists on doing the stuffing. hence, he is alone on thanksgiving.  as for me i will be spending thanksgiving with my family, and by family, i of course mean my ferrets.  i actually love thanksgiving, i think its a uniquely american holiday.  i know canada has thanksgiving, but they have theirs in october.  can you believe that?  canadians gathered around their hockey pucks, eating round bacon and giving thanks for justin bieber.  but i associate thanksgiving with america because, this may surprise you, i'm not originally from here.  i am, thats right, i am mexican.  hola!  on thanksgiving i become super american, in fact i dont even eat turkey, i eat bald eagle!  you know who else loves thanksgiving in my house?  the dogs!  i have two dogs, a german shepherd and a jack russell.  i've got another spare dog, but i dont want to talk about that one, its a french bulldog.  thanksgiving the dogs get scraps from the table, the jack russell is irish, so he's like 'hiddly hiddly ho, now i'll get drunk.  woof.'  and the german shepherd is like 'sank you for the food.  now i will march up and down the backyard. voof'.'
- marion cotillard
kevin pollak

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