+ 'the election is almost over', craig ferguson informs, 'so here we are again, the election has come down to undecided voters.  so if you are still undecided: what the fuck is wrong with you?!?  whats wrong with you?!?  seriously!  these guys have spend billions laying out totally different visions for our future, and you still havent made your mind up?!?  whats it going to take?!?  there's not a bikini competition... theres not a bikini competition, is there?  anyway, personally cant wait to say goodbye to the election, and also to people who complain that the election has gone on too long.  oh wait, thats me.  here in california we get off pretty easy, but for those who live in swing states, i am terribly sorry.  your airwaves have been so clogged with negative ads you'll be looking forward to seeing regular ads- seeing an ad for piece of crap like the slap-chop will be like a breath of fresh air!'
+ larry king's presidential election history
= tenacious d
- sarah shahi

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