+ 'its bad news today if you liked magazines', craig ferguson informs, 'do you remember magazines? they are like a big papery bloggy thing with a staple in the middle.  like carny wilson!  its a sad day if you like magazines because newsweek announced they are going to stop publishing magazines.  anyway, newsweek is done with printing their magazine, they are going to transition to 'an all digital outlet'.  which is fancy computer speak for 'porn'.  the last paper copy of newsweek will be published in january.  so to prepare for this, old people are starting to scotch tape copies of newsweek on to their monitors.  i'm thinking this is the end of an era!  i mean, newsweek started in the 1930's.  things were different back then, america was stuck in an economic depression, the president was accused of being a free spending socialist.  oh, how times have changed...'
- regis philbin he even brings in a photo of himself to put on the mantel!
- katie aselton

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