uh oh! its lights out again!  i thought this problem was fixed when they moved to the new studio?  well, so did craig...
+ 'this creepy foreign gentleman in the dark dark studio', craig ferguson begins, 'used to live in another studio.  when it rained there was a hole in the roof, and there were power outages all the time.  then one day cbs gave him a new shiney studio and they said 'dont worry, there will never be any power outages in the new studio..'  here's the deal, the power has apparently been going off and on.  we think we have enough power for the monologue, but to be honest with you, i dont know if its worth turning the lights on for...  'so what your saying is that the rest of the show is going to be in this creepy twilight thing?'  hey, it worked for kristen stewart!'
- eric idle talks and sings
- emily vancamp

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