+ dj qualls stops by to have a chat during the opening segment.
+ 'its a tricky day for general david patraeus', criag ferguson states, 'the cia director has resigned.  the fbi caught him having an affair with his biographer.  groping civilians on the government dime, general patraeus?  you work for the cia, not the tsa!  i think there is a bit of a double standard here, the head of the cia gets caught having sex and he has to resign, meanwhile a british special agent has sex with a bunch of women and makes 90 million at the box office.  where's the justice here?  no one knows what general patraeus will do next, all i know is that he's in for a pretty awkward thanksgiving- 'can you pass the gravy?'  'why dont you get your slut to pass the gravy!'.  'craig, its almost as if youve been down this kind of road yourself'.  mmhmm!  looking back on it, all the signs were there: paula broadwell's biography about patraeus is called 'all in'.  i dont think i could come up with anything better!  can we come up with any better double entendre for a book title about the general?  'embedded',  'call of booty',  'honorable discharge', 'weapon of ass destruction'.  anyway, general patraeus spend the weekend cleaning out his office, you know, putting his junk in a box...'
dave attell
= nikki reed

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