+ 'its a great day for america everybody', criag ferguson exclaims, 'i dont suppose its great, but its getting a little better.  the storm is starting to pass the east coast.  the people are starting the long process of cleaning up.  for those on the east coast, help is on the way.  finally today we heard that pippa middleton's new book is coming out.  and its about throwing parties!  you've got to ask yourself, shouldnt you cancel the party book?  hurricane sandy is all over the east coast and they are like 'oh well, people will want a book about parties!'  whenever i plan a party i always ask 'wwpd'?  what would pippa do?  finally i have an answer, and pippa's book is called 'celebrate: a year of festivities for family and friends, how to put on a proper british party'.  this is bad timing for a book about throwing parties, especially from someone so close to the royal family.  'here's how to throw a royal party:  have your servants do stuff, and then enjoy the party!'  to be fair though, pippa's family made their fortune making party supplies.  but she is only famous because of her brother-in-law, prince william.  her sister is, whats her name, kate wigglesworth.  and her brother-in-law is prince harry, he's writing a book too, its not about parties, its more about balls.'
- jay leno

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