+ 'its a great day if you like video games', criag ferguson shares, 'today was the release of call of duty: black ops 2.  you know i love the video games!  i saw people camped out last night waiting for it, i thought it was some kind of 'occupy toys r us' or something like that.  and it was right next to the line for twilight.  the gamer people and the twilight people- there was nearly a dance off!  anyway, the video game takes place in the year 2025, the us is feuding with china, drug cartels threaten our shores, but the most disturbing part about this video game, and this is true, the secretary of defense character is portrayed by david patraeus.  its true, i'm not making it up.  patraeus gave his permission a couple of hears ago, for more than this it turned out, but it really is him!  even though general patraeus is the secretary of defense he's not in the game very much, he spends most of his time in the hotel room getting debriefed!'
* j r martinez
= toby keith

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