who is kelly moore?

as always, craig ferguson did his usual segment where he responds to tweets and emails during his show 'the late late show with craig ferguson'. friday night though, he had on a guest who has seemed to become a regular on his show: kelly moore. who is kelly moore? well, when he first appeared on the show, he was just an audience member. as craig sometimes does, he invited kelly to come up in front of the cameras for the opening bit. they chatted a bit, and while there kelly admitted that he was here with friends against his will. he said that he didnt even like this show and wanted to leave. well, that got craig going and he invited kelly up to join him with answering the twitter and emails! kelly, who seems to be absolutely fearless, went for it and talked with craig and cracked jokes. kellys attitude is honest and blunt, he doesnt bother with lying and telling craig what he might want to hear- which i think is exactly why craig liked him so much! kelly has since been back on the show helping with the twitters and emails twice. he was on the june 4th episode, and the june 25th one as well. if this keeps up geoff peterson might want to watch out, because kelly moore might become craig's next sidekick! (granted, he said he didnt want the job, but you just wait...)

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