+ 'the big news story today, its very shocking actually', craig ferguson shares, 'the new york times there is an article full of secrets about the war in afganistan. now, spoiler alert here is that the war isnt going well. the story is backed up by 91,000 classified documents. now the new york times got the documents from an organization called 'wiki-leaks'. thats not a joke, its actually called 'wiki-leaks'. thats true. my advice is be careful if you google wiki-leaks though, because i spelled it wrong and i ended up at a site called 'ricky-leaks', i wasted the entire day looking at pictures of ricky martin! is that a day wasted? i dont think so! anyway, what i'm saying is that these classified documents show that pakistan, who has been for years our bff in central asia, they have been taking the anti-taliban money we have been giving them, and using it to fund the taliban. laugh at that, you chicken lovin' hobo! that is like me taking a cbs paycheck and then promoting another network, which would be crazy! shark week starts august 1on the discovery channel! its awesome! its really weird, its horrifying. its like when you break up with someone and all of your friends realize they have classified information that they should share with you like how much they hated your ex. 'why didnt you tell me she was sleeping with all my friends!' 'well, you just seemed so happy...'.'

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