+ craig is out with nothing on but his t-shirt and boxers! 'my suit isnt ready. it hasnt come back from the dry cleaners. once a year it goes to the dry cleaners and it hasnt come back yet. eyes up here, mister!'
+ 'do you know who's birthday it is today? its the donald's birthday!' craig ferguson celebrates, 'and i dont mean trump, the pompous bastard. i mean the other donald- donald duck! donald duck turns 76 today. so to mark the occasion, legally through an act of congress, today is donald duck day! i think every disney character should have his own day, except goofy. i hate goofy. you know what you did... years ago though, when donald duck started, a cartoon about a talking duck must have seemed like an odd concept. these days youve got your talking sponges who live in pineapples under the sea. which tells us that the drugs are getting better! anyway, it was on this day in 1934 the first donald duck appeared. it was called 'the wise little hen'. i saw a similar movie, it was called 'the sage cock'. it was about a rooster who was very wise. he knew what to do... i think donald duck was in the navy because he wears the sailor shirt and the sailor hat and nothing else. see, when he goes out like that its adorable, but if i go out like that, i get fucking arrested!'

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