+ during the twitter segment, craig ferguson gets a tweet from kristina on long island in new york asking 'dear craig, what is a cul-de-sac?'. craig gets wildly creative and responds 'well, its a french word. it actually of course means dead end. but cul-de-sac actually means, in french, the literal translation is: kill the scrotum. what happened is that during the french revolution, a lot of people who were too close to the guillotine, their scrotums were cut off accidentally by the flying blade. but, in a strange quirk of fate, if a scrotum has been raised almost exclusively on soft stinky cheese, it can for a long time have the appearance of being a creature that has a mind of its own. so paris was flooded by tons of these little critters all running around. like little herds of little scrotums, they were like 'soc re blu! cul-de-sac! cul-de-sac! aah!' and if you saw a herd of these vicious killer scrotums in paris during the french revolution, it was the end of the line for you! and thats why it became a sort of 'dead end', cul-de-sac, you see.'

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