+ 'its a great day if you love ice cream!', craig ferguson reminds, 'and who doesnt love ice cream? well, al quida, obviously. 'i cannot abide your ice cream! i hate your ice cream and your puppet regime in pakistan, but mostly ice cream'. july is national ice cream month. its ice cream month, and yesterday was national ice cream day. its a real day, it was started by ronald regan in 1984. its not on a fixed date, it rotates, but usually its the third sunday in july. regan was a genius, you see, he kept the commies guessing about what date the americans would go crazy licking cream covered nuts! anyway, i like my ice cream like i like my sex: alone and in front of the television. actually, i prefer to go out for ice cream, i dont like keeping it in the house because its too tempting when its in the freezer. i can hear it calling 'craig! eat me, i'm delicious!' anyway, heres the thing, yesterday was ice cream day, and july is ice cream month, and today baskin robbins celebrated today by retiring five ice cream flavors. yes, that stopped your inappropriate amount of laughter, didnt it? five baskin robbins flavors- gone! it seems an odd way of celebrating, its like celebrating arbor day by starting a forest fire. when i heard baskin robbins was retiring flavors, i assumed it would be the crap ones, like chocolate lint, or gravel road. they are retiring, get this, french vanilla! ahh! exactly, can they do that? just retire french vanilla just because its old and unpopular with the kids? i mean, whats next?!? i'm not sure what the difference is between vanilla and french vanilla. i think that with french vanilla you have to use your tongue more...'
+ grant imahara stops by to introduce the new upgrade to geoff peterson!

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