+ 'its the 4th of july weekend everybody- hurray!', exclaims craig ferguson, 'well done america! take that britain! im going to boston, im going to host the boston pops fireworks spectacular tomorrow night right here on cbs! i've done it the last three years, the fireworks spectacular. its a very difficult job, all i have to do is go 'fireworks! hurray!'. july the 4th in boston is nuts, its basically like st. patricks day with explosives! explosives and classical music, youve got cannons and fireworks blowing off to the 1812 overture- its awesome! my hats to whoever came up with the idea to do that: fireworks, music, cannons. 'chaikovsky is cool, but is there a way to make the tubas blow stuff up or something?' last year during the rehearsal they let me test fire the big cannon. it was awesome! you pull a long string to make it go off. its like a giant game of 'pull my finger'! but when i fire one off its usually a bit louder than a cannon. and theres more smoke. and collateral damage... my favorite part of hosting the july 4th show is meeting the brave service men and women of the armed forces. a couple years ago i was at the event back stage talking with the marines and they told me that some guy had tried to dress up like a marine to meet girls and get back stage. so this guy turns up and he has got his fathers marine uniform. so hes stolen this outfit, hes wearing a marine uniform, but the marines are marines, they can see this. this uniform is out of date, this is not right. so they question the guy and find out he is not a marine. but they knew his dad was a marine, so they didnt want to get him in too much trouble, so they just took his uniform off and made him walk home in his underwear!'
+ summer livin' with sean connery
+ angela kinsey comes in early to help with the emails and twitters.
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