craig on kevin pollak's chat show

a little while a go craig ferguson appeared as a guest on kevin pollak's own talk show, fittingly called 'kevin pollak's chat show'. its a lot of fun to listen to these two guys have a real conversation. since this is a web only show, there is no need to interrupt for commercials, no language censorship, and no particular time constraints either. which means that these two guys get to really dig in and have some thoughtful conversations about anything that they want to talk about. some of the topics craig discusses is how he got his start on 'the late late show', how carson's death surprisingly turned into craig's own late night birth, how he first came to america and eventually became a citizen, and an interesting analogy of how baseball represents the american spirit. kevin does a great job of thinking of good questions to ask and leading the discussion, though he does step on toes a bit in his guiding. its a bit long, but worth watching. check it out here!

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