+ 'there is a big movie opening today that i am very excited about', craig ferguson admits, 'its called 'inception'. finally, a movie about something that hollywood knows better than anyone else: robbing peoples dreams! it stars leonardo di caprio as a guy who invades people's minds as they sleep, which is perfect casting because leo has been in my dreams for years. stealing away my heart with his awesome small beard acting. anyway, people are calling inception a 'thinking man's action movie', thats what they are saying. i dont know what that means, i think it probably means that things get blowed up, but the boobies are just in your mind. well, they are in my mind anyway. the trailer for this movie looks terrific though, everything spinning around, people walking on walls and ceilings. experts are saying that the average person has more than 40 dreams a night. you think you dont have any dreams, but you have about 40 dreams. the most potent dreams usually begin around midnight and end around 2:00 am. perhaps you are dreaming right now! maybe i've entered your dreams! perhaps i am reading your mind at this very moment, i'm simply very bad at it... no, you are not dreaming, dreams have much better lighting than this, this is a nightmare- for both of us! i've always been fascinated by dreams though, i'm a huge fan of carl jung and his theory of the collective unconscience. now, i know what you are thinking: 'oh, here we go again, another late night host banging on about carl jung and the birth of analytical psychology. its almost as bad as that night david letterman had freud do the top ten list' 'top ten sexy presents to buy your mom!' i do like carl jung though, i think he's awesome. freud was jung's arch rival, jung believed everything was mythic, and freud thought everything was sexy, basically. jung and freud, they were kind of like the biggie and tupac of 19th century viennese psychology, except they had more cocaine...'
+ access extratainment tonight with barney slash and john tesh cover the late night wars.
+ summer livin' with sean connery
+ kelly moore stops by again to help read the tweets and emails!

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