+ 'its a great day for the movies', craig ferguson celebrates, 'a very big movie opening that i am very excited about, its called 'knight and day', with tom cruise. listen, i know its my job as a late night host to make fun of tom cruise. but i 'm not going to do it anymore. not anymore because i've seen the trailer for this movie and it looks fantastic. its a good old fashioned popcorn movie with explosions and tom cruise and cameron diaz and stuff gets blown up while a pretty girl screams all the time. i dont know what cameron diaz does in the movie, but... see, thats just the kind of joke i'm not going to be doing! i'm not. i like tim cruise, i think he's awesome. i've changed my mind. a lot of people criticize him because they are jealous. like people criticize me, not because they are jealous, but because they have seen this show. but its the same thing. i know what you are thinking: 'well wait, craig, tom cruise is crazy!' no he is not. he is nuts! he is absolutely bonkers. that is different. he's a movie star, thats the way movie stars have to be: crazy! he gets a lot of flack for the things he says, but so what? id take that over some manufactured puppet who says whatever the studio wants him to say... cbs cares.'
+ kelly moore is back to help criag read the tweets and emails
- tim meadows as a guest instead of appearing in a bit for the show!

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