+ again mixing things up a bit, craig wears a t-shirt instead of a shirt and tie. this time the t-shirt is black. ooh!
+ 'the big news today all across the country', craig ferguson informs, 'the teen age girls are weeping, the chat rooms are all cockahoop, they are all talking about the undead. you know, the sexy vampire. of course, they are talking about larry king. last night larry king because last night larry announced that he is calling it quits. its awful, this. larry king is a walking treasure, well a shuffling treasure, but a treasure none the less. in my eyes larry king really is a king. but then again, i also think wolf blitzer is a wolf! i also think dr. phil is a doctor. not really. now, larry may be leaving cnn which is bad news, but lets keep this in perspective: thats not the worst of it, america isnt just loosing a broadcaster, but i am loosing one of the few people i do an impression of! its not a good impression, i admit, but i do it. i make fun of larry, but lets be clear of this: its out of respect. i love larry king. his record speaks for itself, hes won every broadcasting award known to man, he's written over a dozen books, he's read almost half of them...'
+ summer livin' with sean connery

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