+ 'its a great day for the publishing world', criag ferguson informs, 'you know, the guys that make books. oh, get with it grandpa! if you dont know what a book is, its like a really long blog that you print out and then you read on the crapper. but today it was announced that there is going to be a sequel to that book 'the secret'. if you are not familiar with the secret, its a book that came out about four years ago, sold a bazillion copies, and its not much of a secret anymore. but really, its about the power of positive thinking. it was written by an australian reality show producer, because who knows more about the spiritual principles of the universe than an australian reality show producer? 'think positive, mate, and dont let the dingos near your balls!' the secret is basically that the law of attraction governs the universe. so if you think hard enough about what you want to attract, it will come to you. thats kind of the secret. if thats true, then someone very special should be coming to the studio right now... i'm waiting, fabio! he's not here. clearly the secret doesnt work. anyway, the sequel will be called 'the power', and it will be out next month. it means that everyone will be reading it at the beach, you know, while the kids are out making the oil castles. it will probably sell a bazillion copies as well. but i'm thinking if its a self help book, why does it need a sequel? if the original book work, why do you need a second one? thats like your doctor saying 'well, the operation was very successful, i'd like to do it again!'.'
+ summer livin' with sean connery
> louie anderson he is still surprisingly funny!

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