+ 'i just got back from the bahamas!', craig ferguson shares, 'now why was i in the bahamas? well, ill tell you audience. well, if you turn in in august during a certain week that is dedicated to ocean predators which is broadcast on another network, which i'm not supposed to say, but it rhymes with bliscovery channel... i was doing a show for shark week on the discovery channel and it was awesome!!! i went scuba diving with sharks, and not tame sharks, wild sharks from sharklvania! and sadly for cbs i made it back in one piece. it was a life changing experience though, these sharks are beautiful, these gorgeous underwater creatures. i feel so glad and privileged that i got to see it and i never have to see it ever again. sharks are beautiful animals, but they dont need me going over to try and make them laugh. much like this audience... i went down to steward cove, where they were set up, theres a diver who is going to take me down, to look for this guy name chang chen. so i'm looking and i see a guy who might be named chang chen, you know what i'm saying, and so i go over to chang and i go 'are you chang chen?' and he goes 'yeah, gooday mate, how you doin?' i'm like 'oh, i didnt think you would be australian', and he went 'yeah well, my family isnt originally from australia, mate'. we go out in the boat, and just as we are about to jump into shark infested waters, changs got all the chain male on and stuff, and he's like 'its a strange job, mate, but somebody's got to do it!' and i'm like 'no actually, nobody's got to do it'. and he said 'no, you got to do it, but lets do it! aah!'
+ summer livin' with sean connery
- howie mandel he gets so excited he spilled his drink!

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