signed bella doll

'so, here's the thing', craig ferguson shares, 'my tweety exploded today!  and also i got some messages on twitter.  some people were mad at me because kristen stewart was here last night and i was talking to her.  and since i've been a bit mean about the twilight movies, which i've never seen, i've been a bit of a douche about her.  anyway, she was here and i was polite and nice to her, she was very nice and i tried to be a nice and friendly guy to her.  the comments were like 'you've sold out! you've sold out, craig!'  yeah, when i took this fucking job!  anyway, here's the thing, kristen stewart was here and my plan worked!  because i got a signed bella doll!  she signed it!'  craig then took a pole of the audience to figure out its permanent place of honor: on the mantel piece, or in secretariat's winter wonderland.  the decision was made that is will be put over by the horse.  now we will be able to 'enjoy' it forever!

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