+ 'it is of course a big day here in hollywood', craig ferguson exclaims, 'the oscar nominations were announced this morning at 5:30 am.  i was up anyway, i've got a two year old kid in the house- i'm up!  i'm watching yo gabba gabba for the 500th time!  here's where you are wrong when you think 'ha ha craig, you werent nominated!' because the movie 'brave' was nominated best animated feature and i did a voice in that movie, so hurrah!  a couple years a go 'how to train your dragon' was nominated and i did a voice in that too.  i'm sensing a pattern- accolades are awarded only if i dont show my face!  i'm very proud of the movie brave and want it to win, but we are up against frankenwienie.  up against a wienie again!  the movie that got the most nominations this morning was lincoln.  it was in fact the first time in history that hollywood has ever supported a republican!  lets be honest- thats true!  lincoln got 12 nominations, life of pi got 11, and ghost rider: spirit of vengence got zero. it is an outrage!  nicolas cage played the motorcycle riding skeleton on fire- lets see daniel day lewis do that- you cant!'
- tim allen
margaret cho

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