+ 'its a great day if you love cars', craig ferguson states, 'and who doesnt love cars?  well, al quida- thats who!  today is the first day of the detroit auto show.  there are 65 auto shows across the us every year, but the detroit auto show is by far the largest and most impressive.  if auto shows are kardashians, this is the khloe- the big one!  dont worry, if you are not in detroit, it lasts two weeks, or about the same length as a jodie foster acceptance speech.  i wish i wasnt working this week, i love detroit.  i wanted to go to the show, cause whenever i'm there i do all the touristy things in detroit.  i go to the mo town museum, the walk around at bell al park, i go to eight mile and get in a rap battle...  i always loose.  its really all about the crotch grabbing, sometimes i even grab my own!'
- jenna elfman
* guillermo del toro  craig asks guillermo if he makes hellboy 3 can craig be in it?  del toro answers 'i promise you will be destroyed'  to which they shake on it!

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