+ richie sambora and eddie izzard sing out the great theme song from the show!
+ 'its a great day if you like lists,'  craig ferguson states, 'we're in december now, which means every day theres a new list.  ten things about this, ten things about that,  yesterday it was ten sexiest elbows, tomorrow its the ten hairiest kardashians... which is all of them.  today, i'm not kidding, was the ten most corrupt nations of 2012.  congratuations afganistan, simalia, and north korea!  the three of them are sharing the title of 'most corrupt'.  all three of them kept trying to bribe the judges, so it was declared a tie.  congratulations to the country of finland which is now officially the least corrupt nation on earth!  you know, back when i was younger i hooked up with a girl in finland.  i dont think she was local though, because afterward she kept saying 'i'm not finnish, i'm not finnish!'.'
- denis leary

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