+ richie sambora and his band continue their time as the 'house band' for craig!
+ 'its only three weeks to christmas', criag ferguson shares, 'so tonight cbs got into the christmas spirit by showing the heartwarming classic 'the victoria's secret's fashion show'!  um hum!  yup, cbs is spreading the christmas joy like a modern day charles dickens 'please sir, can i have some more boobies!'  some people say that the victoria's secret show serves no purpose other than showing sexy women and bolstering ratings.  now, these people are called 'correct'.  it usually gives cbs a big boost in the ratings so you might get more cbs shows a bit of sexing up, like they might put the cast of '60 minutes' in bathing suits.  well, maybe, thy would put anderson cooper on a swim suit!  in defense of cbs, it wasnt all boobies- they showed 'rudolph the red nosed reindeer' was on right before the fashion show.  now, rudolph the red nosed reindeer and victoria's secret fashion show are very different, of course, ones about a skinny little thing that brings santa to a place where he can unload his bag...  and the other is rudolph.'

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